Rastel Hostel Reviews

rastelIt’s a major issue for travellers to find a suitable place to spend their nights in. People are usually concerned about their money, so they want to receive maximum value for the prices they pay. Rastel Hostel is one of the possible locations, where you can stay during your trip to Budapest. To find out if it’s worthy or not, let’s see what the Rastel Hostel reviews say. After that, you should be able to make your own conclusions. To visit the website, go to http://rastel.insta-hostel.com/

The hostel is approximately 200 meters away from the city centre. Anyone going to Budapest would agree, that such a strategic position speaks a lot in favor of the hostel. Many visitors confirm they chose to be accomodated there, mainly because of its proximity to the places they needed to be. Additionally, restaurants and a supermarket are 3 minutes away on foot. A large shopping centre is just 500 meters away. This means you can find food and supplies with relative ease, without having to do long walks.

Value for money
The general consensus here is that the prices are very reasonable for the quality of the offered services. The pricing factor holds an average approval rate of 91% on various sites, based on the customers’ reviews. Most of them mention that the hostel is “well priced” in their written opinions, and show willingness to visit it again in the future because of that.

The service and cleanliness
Despite some occasional negative reviews from picky visitors, the majority of guests state that they found the hostel very comfortable, noting the clean facilities and rooms, as well as the organized and proactive staff. Maintenance is always available, as there are no reports of breakdowns of equipment, or other emergency situations that have ruined a visitor’s experience.

The staff
Probably the most praised segment of the Rastel Hostel. The staff is continuously described as “friendly”, “nice”, “helpful”, “lovely”, and “always willing to help”. Apparently, guests have a high opinion on the personnel there. Combined with their good work maintaining the facilities and rooms on a daily basis, the staff will make sure you have good memories from your stay at the hostel.

The Rastel Hostel offers various facilities to accomodated guests. Things like free internet access, laundry, and city maps are there to improve the visitors’ experience. Reception and security are at work 24/7 for their convenience. It’s possible to rent bicycles for increased mobility around the city. The benefits of the facilities are mentioned in multiple reviews, citing their usefulness on various occasions.

The atmosphere
“Chilled”, “relaxed”, with “good vibes”, and “great for socializing”, are some of the terms, used by guests, to describe the atmosphere of the place. This aspect of the Rastel Hostel has received some praise, although it’s not mentioned as the main reason to visit the place.

The policies are user-friendly and aren’t strict. Curfews aren’t imposed. The only significant restriction is that pets can’t be allowed on the premises, but this isn’t reported as a problem for anyone. Attention deserves the fact, that children up to 8 years of age can stay, free of charge, when using the existing beds.

The summary
The aggregate opinion on the Rastel Hostel is that it’s a very friendly place, well maintained and regularly cleaned. The affordable prices make it ideal for travellers who value their budget. Available extras and facilities just improve the overall positive experience.

Make Valentine’s Day 2016 A Little More Special

paypal-fedexThe gush of love has lingered in the air long before February has arrived. Cupid’s been shooting arrows here and there not only through lovers’ hearts, but to each of us who deserve to be loved. Valentine season hypes up with just a few days left to get the perfect gift for all people dear to you.

How do you plan to express your feelings to your lover, mom, dad, daughter, son, best friend, teacher, mentor, and every special person in your life? Would you…

-Pick a bouquet of colorful and fragrant, blossoming flowers

-Wrap a box of indulgent chocolates with silky bows

-Seal an envelop with a kiss from your luscious lips with red lipstick

-Put your message in a vintage bottle and set it afloat the sea

-Carve your message into personalized Lovelocks for Valentine’s Day

Another year has come to celebrate love, so why not make it a little more special? The true love you’ve found is quite rare more than you will ever know, as much as real friendship that would never fail you during the most trying times is difficult to find. The more your relationships must never be taken for granted, but always appreciated even in the simplest of ways.

Personalized gifts remain to be timeless pieces, and it doesn’t matter if words have been scribbled on a mere towel, coffee mug, or plain shirt. Better yet, have your name or message engraved on something that’s meant to last, such as a padlock. It will not wilt like flowers, spoil like chocolates, nor is it likely to crumble and fade or get lost. A lovelock would rather safekeep your emotions over time. It symbolizes a strong bond with a loved one that will keep you both connected wherever you are.

Create your own Lovelocks for Valentine’s day at http://goengrave.com/en and come up with a a personal, thoughtful, beautiful, useful, unique, and long-lasting gift!

Tooth Extraction and Dental Implants

extractionWhen a tooth has come to the end of the line and has met its fate of getting extracted for the greater good of your other teeth, it’s never too soon to consider a replacement. Aside from that awkward feeling of a missing tooth, embarrassment, low self-esteem, various other dental problems may become prominent after a tooth extraction. Dental issues can eventually be experienced even with just a single tooth that’s missing, such as difficulty in chewing food and speaking properly. Some develop unsightly crooked teeth, overbite or underbite, overcrowding, or shifting of surrounding teeth which results to misalignment.

Getting a New Tooth

Dental implants are regarded as the best option that gives you a permanent solution to missing teeth, and avoiding altogether the potential dental problems that are detrimental to both oral and overall health. A dental implant is the next best thing towards natural teeth and gaining back what has been missing with a new tooth replacement. Your new tooth won’t pose any trouble when chewing, eating, and cleaning, nor will cause any pain or discomfort like other devices.

Immediate Tooth Replacement

Dental implantation can either be done immediately right after the tooth is pulled out, with a temporary crown positioned by your dentist, or after a few weeks or months to give ample time for healing and recovery to take place. The ideal timing between tooth extraction and dental implants is usually based on the following factors:


Medical issues and risks are no cause of concern at all when a dental implant is performed correctly, provided as well that there is no infection, inflammation, gum disease present in the affected area.

Bone Density

A dental implant is not advisable without a good amount of bones to support it and a solid base to cling on. In cases of bone deterioration, the lengthy process of bone grafting creates the much-needed foundation to secure the implants in place.

Keep in mind that any form of treatment must be followed through with proper care and maintenance as advised by your trusted dentist, who will be able to determine the best course to take to get your teeth in their best shape.

The Most Valuable Valentine Gift Money Cannot Buy

locked-heartA huge diamond ring and a yacht can make almost any woman say yes to her lover. The latest Ferrari and a helicopter would get any man raving about his girl. Alright, that sounds a bit too fabulous and lavish Valentine’s day gifts fit only for the million-dollar rich lifestyle! Well, you can go the traditional way with a box of dark chocolates and a bouquet of roses, or a bottle of wine and musky perfume.

On the other hand, you can choose to keep up with modern times and grab the latest deals. Your one and only woman, girlfriend, mom, daughter, or sister would surely be delighted with an ultimate spa treatment plus shopping galore. The man in your life, your boyfriend, dad, son, or dear brother would find tickets to extreme outdoor and water adventures plain awesome!

These things can indeed make your loved one the happiest, but what exactly makes them feel loved? What makes you feel loved? Isn’t it getting the simplest of things that are capable of touching your heart? Something that will make you smile and remember the best moments you’ve had in life. A token that lets you know at the back of your mind that there’s someone who loves you, which is what matters most.

One that’s thoughtfully considered, made unique, and showered with love. What else could it be, but a little lovelock? Create one now and experience the excitement of giving a gift as much as it feels to receive one yourself! A treasured photo, names that blend perfectly together, your sincere message, and anything you can think of that means a lot to you would be all that’s required to come up with your own design. Check out some of the loveliest and most valuable things you can ever see at http://foreverlovelocks.com/ and give one of the best Valentine’s day gifts that money cannot buy.